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Materials Specifications

All our sleeping bags use the same fabric and materials. Chosen for their no compromise quality and strength, we have made small improvements over time and continually look for more. We relish all feedback, if at any time you have any questions or queries regarding our products we want to hear from you:

Waterproof Breathable Shell:

4oz Exeat Fabric is a tough, durable and waterproof direct-coated hydrophilic, breathable polyurethane. This fabric permits water vapour to pass through the fabric from the body-side to the outside so keeping the inside of the sleeping bag and the insulation layers comfortable and dry. Exeat fabric has been one of the top fabrics for high reliability performance for over 15 years and has been continuously improved over that time. Exeat Fabrics have been independently tested and conform to EN343 for resistance to water penetration and breathability.

Fibre-pile Insulation:

We use10mm dense weave Polyester fibre-pile pile. It is warm to the touch, it is equally warm when wet, and as the fibres do not absorb water, for insulating material it dries very quickly. It also resists mould - which is an issue with the inevitable build up of condensation. We use top quality fibre pile so that it does not shed fibres and lasts well.

YKK full-length burstable zips

All zips on our bags are YKK coil for their strength and reliability. The main zips are YKK No10 coil with non-lock zippers.
Coil zips are the strongest. Toothed zips might look more chunky but in our experience the coil zips do not break. The non-lock zippers are used because if and when you need to get out of the bag quickly, perhaps disorientated upside down and in the dark, you need to know that the zip will open and that it will open fast - grabbing and pulling the surrounding fabric is enough.
The main zips on both our bag designs are two-way, they open at the foot to allow air to circulate should you so wish.
If and when YKK produce strong plastic zippers, we may switch to avoid any possible issue with corrosion, meanwhile we use metal zippers, with which we have had absolutely no problem at all (and that often despite months of continual use at sea). However, we would recommend, to lengthen the life of the fabric and stitching as much as the zip, a thorough rinse in fresh water at the end of each period at sea, and a touch of wax or silica on the metal part of the zipper.


We use polycotton for the pillowcase in the original Ocean Sleepwear sleeping bag. It is comfortable, and can be quickly washed and dried, stopping the build up of salt from wet hair.