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Ocean Sleepwear Marine Sleeping Bags

Fed up with sleeping cold and damp in your bunk! Know you will stay warm and dry with our sleeping bags.

If you are researching for Clipper Ventures 19/20 Round the World Yacht Race, 2019 Rolex Fastnet Race, The Ocean Race 2021/22, your own sailing expedition or rowing adventure Ocean Sleepwear Marine sleeping bags are probably the answer.

Effective sleep and staying warm are both vital to maintaining top personal performance and long distance offshore sailing is a very demanding job for just a single sleeping bag. You need something warm for the Southern Ocean while you need something less bulky for the Tropics. Both our 4-layer Volvo Ocean Race sleeping bag and our 3-Layer Original Ocean Sleepwear sleeping bag provide a waterproof and warm sleeping system, suitable for all sailing conditions, anywhere in the world.

Condensation is often the biggest problem, and the there is always the ever-high risk of your sleeping bag getting a soaking from an open hatch, wet foulies or a wet sail brought down below after a sail change. A waterproof sleeping bag is essential.

The choice of synthetic materials rather than down might be obvious, however, we use fibre pile because it is hydrophilic, it does not absorb water, it is equally warm when wet, feels immediately warm to the touch and does not need another layer of fabric to contain it, unlike other filled bags. This together with a waterproof breathable outer shell means the chances of staying dry are dramatically improved.

Smelly damp pillows are also a thing of the past! Ocean Sleepwear Microfleece Pillowcases, fully waterproof and fleece covered it were developed for the 2006 Volvo Ocean Race and are loved by everyone: "The difference our fleece lined sleeping bags and fleece pillow cases made to life on board was just night and day" - Mike Sanderson, ABN Amro One skipper. Click Here for more detail
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