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Row to the Pole

Postby Mark D » 14 Mar 2011 14:23

The problem we face is an extremely cold wet environment at sea for the row, then as we switch to walking the final miles to the pole, the deep dry cold of the arctic! Is that too much to ask of an Ocean Sleepwear bag?

Mark D
Mark D

Re: Row to the Pole

Postby OSmod » 14 Mar 2011 15:07

Olly Hicks used the original Ocean Sleepwear bags on both his Atlantic rows but, for his Southern Ocean row he had a Volvo Ocean Race bag. (He had an early version which did not have removable layers as he wasn't going to need less insulation at any point). VOR bags are big and are generally used (almost exclusively) by teams in really wet racing yachts for the Southern Ocean and the like. Both across the Atlantic and Pacific Roz Savage used an original Ocean Sleepwear bag.

The 2 doctors who recently rowed around Britain had OS bags, they rolled the boat and got a really good soaking, the OS bag served them well there. I understand Hamish did feel the cold occasionally, I will be speaking to him soon to find out more - As I am sure you know, there is so much more to keeping warm than just insulation!

While fibre pile is superb, for dealing with wet cold conditions, it does not compete with down insulation once the water turns to ice and beyond. Which of course is not an issue anywhere at sea. I know you are pressed for space - a crew of 6 in 2 shoulder width cabins, but I think you will end up using something along the lines of an OS bag (smaller than VOR) and taking a vacuum-packed down (or substitute) liner, to use for the walk into the pole, as an extra layer - or use similarly packed thermal/ down clothing. I've certainly used that combination of waterproof breathable outer bivi-bag, fibre-pile and down very effectively when back-country ski touring.

I'm sure we will talk more on the subject as you explore the possibilities - we could of course make you something bespoke in due course.


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