I'm 5'5" tall. Which size is right for me?

Rectangular or "Mummy" shape? Is 3.9kg too heavy for a marine sleeping bag?

I'm 5'5" tall. Which size is right for me?

Postby Barbara » 14 Mar 2011 13:32

I am interested in ordering a sleeping bag as I’ll be doing the whole Clipper race this year. I was a bit unsure as to what size bag to order. I’m 5.5ft / 1.65m tall however your specifications say short is for crew 5.4ft or under 1.7m. Should I order the Small or Regular size?

Re: I'm 5'5" tall. Which size is right for me?

Postby OSmod » 14 Mar 2011 13:34

Our Ocean Sleepwear bags are designed to be large so that there is plenty of room to get comfortable, important particularly in a big sea. So you could probably get away with a small size (it is slightly lighter and smaller - so there is a benefit). We made it originally because for really petite ladies, the regular size is quite large.

But as you are sailing the whole way, then transporting it too and from the boat is not going to be such an issue, it will pretty much be staying on your bunk other than for washing. So if you are the sort of person who likes to get right down into your bag, or to spread out, then I would probably go for a regular size.

Hope that helps

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