Which sleeping bag is right for me? VOR or OS

Rectangular or "Mummy" shape? Is 3.9kg too heavy for a marine sleeping bag?

Which sleeping bag is right for me? VOR or OS

Postby Graeme » 14 Mar 2011 13:09

I will be taking part in the Clipper Round the World race in August, and fellow trainees have recommended your sleeping bags to take round the world. I will be doing the total circumnavigation, and am looking for a sleeping bag that will last that long and remain dry! I see that you do two versions – but think that people have already got a 3-layer bag. What are the main differences between this and the Volvo version.


Re: Which sleeping bag is right for me? VOR or OS

Postby OSmod » 14 Mar 2011 13:16

Hopefully we can help you out with all your requirements - long lasting, dry and warm!

The original Ocean Sleepwear bag is what almost all Clipper Crew who use our bags have. While it is a "mummy" shape it is designed to be spacious so you can get comfortable in a big sea state, the overall size and weight is more practical for traveling to and from the boat (and does not take up too much of your valuable bunk space).

The original Ocean Sleepwear bag has one less layer than the VOR (which has an additional micro-fleece layer) but it is probably more flexible to wear a hat, thermals and loose woolly socks on the odd occasion you might need to rather than take an extra layer of sleeping bag (which we do sell) around the world.

The VOR has a zip around the side so it opens out flat. The original Ocean Sleepwear bag has a central zip so you can find it easily (useful whether or not you find yourself upside down, disorientated, in the dark and in an emergency). Neither bag has the locking zips you might find on a mountain bag - the idea behind using YKK No 10 no lock coil zips is they are the strongest, and that you can get out just by pulling the fabric near the opening without struggling to find the zipper and get out fast (it is for this same reason the layers work as one unit)

With a large crew and a relatively small living space, the main issue for Clipper crew is dealing with condensation and not absolute cold. Of course if your sleeping bag is made of the wrong insulating material you can quickly get very cold in a damp sleeping bag! Ocean Sleepwear sleeping bags use fibre pile which stays warm when wet and is simply the best fabric for the job.

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