How do Ocean Sleepwear bags compare with competition?

Rectangular or "Mummy" shape? Is 3.9kg too heavy for a marine sleeping bag?

How do Ocean Sleepwear bags compare with competition?

Postby Johnny » 14 Mar 2011 15:16

I am just comparing the OS bag with the Gauss Dreamseeker bag which seems pretty similar in many ways which they will do for £125 including delivery for Clipper crew whereas if I have this right you will be £270 (incl del) for an XL. Can you help me by explaining why yours costs more than twice as much.

Re: How do Ocean Sleepwear bags compare with competition?

Postby OSmod » 14 Mar 2011 15:28

It would be wrong of us to knock the Dreamseeker bag, however I can tell you more about our Ocean Sleepwear bag and of course I would be very interested to hear about your final choice.

An Ocean Sleepwear bag is approx 3.5kg and (although big) packs to a size it can be traveled with. It is large enough to get comfortable in a big sea state, warm enough for the Southern Ocean or North Pacific and long lasting enough to circumnavigate at least 3 times (to our knowledge)

Fibre pile is the best fabric for staying warm when wet and dries most quickly and is immediately warm to the touch. While down is quite clearly a non starter for ocean sailing, many of the synthetic fillings get water-logged and dry much more slowly. Fibre pile is the most resistant to mould (and even we are looking at ways to improve our fabric's resistance). We use the highest quality 10mm dense weave pile for the insulating layers, produced in the Netherlands, it does not shed fibres and keeps it's shape (and our switch to it shaved 400g off the weight)

We use YKK No10 non-lock coil zips, while they are the strongest on the market sadly they are also the most expensive. Experience has taught us that these zips are the only way to go if you want to make sure none break in the Southern Ocean.

We use British Exceat waterproof breathable fabric for the outer shell. Our bags come in three sizes to suit your shape and size. We have additional layers should you require them (although almost no-one does)

Ocean Sleepwear bags have been used at sea over hundreds of thousands (5+ million) of miles. We have refined the design and quality over time and take no short cuts. Our factory is family run, we know everyone, and quality is assured.

I hope this helps, do keep asking questions - with feedback and questions we can improve faster!


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