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Original 3-Layer Ocean Sleepwear Sleeping Bag

This wide "mummy"shaped sleeping bag is made up of: 1 x outer waterproof breathable shell, 1 x outer fibre-pile insulating layer, 1 x inner fibre-pile insulating layer, 1 x poly-cotton Pillowcase and 2 x stuffsacks, the extra stuffsack is for storing inner fibe-pile bag when not in use.
The Original Ocean Sleepwear bag is available in three sizes: The Regular size is generously cut and perfect for most people while the Short size has been developed for smaller and younger crew. The Long size is for tall crew over 6"3". If these sizes do not suit we can and do make bags to order.
Short:     Crew height less than 1.70m (5'4"): £240
Regular: Crew height 1.70m - 1.90m (up to 6'3"): £240
Long:      Crew height 1.9m plus (over 6'3"): £255
Individual components may be purchased separately:
Outer fibre-pile bag: £90
Inner fibre-pile bag: £65
Click to Buy Now Waterproof breathable shell: £110

Volvo Ocean Race Sleeping Bag

This rectangular 4-layer sleeping bag is made up of: 1 x waterproof breathable outer shell, 1 x microfleece layer, 2 x fibre-pile insulation layers, and an extra stuffsack for storing inner pile bags when not in use.
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Extra Long Only: £310

Waterproof Microfleece Pillowcase:

This waterproof microfleece pillowcase is smaller than a domestic pillow, it has a microfleece outer, waterproof liner with taped seams and a waterproof zip
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One Size: £27

Ocean Sleepwear a Cape Wild brand